Our Vision…

When we first started this project in March of 2019 our mission was simple… Pay it forward & give service members as well as their families the tools necessary to be successful both in their personal & professional lives. We have dedicated countless hours to researching & connecting with professionals about topics like education, home buying, & medical benefits, to give you more power. Yes our vision is ambitious, but at the highest level we want to do more than just give you helpful links or inspirational stories.

We want to bridge the gap between the military & civilian community.

By educating those around us about the wisdom & experience we as military members bring to the job market or education system, we can begin to reach our full potential. Conversely, when we begin to get more involved in educating & mentoring our communities, we learn more about what they can teach us. While the gap between our two cultures may never be completely eliminated, us working together can make that gap smaller & smaller. Each & every one of you have made incredible sacrifices during your time in the service that many outside of our ranks will never truly comprehend, and it is time you have a community that supports you not just while you are on active duty, but well after you hang up your uniform.

Why is this so important to us?

Dan, Gerard & myself would not be sitting here today speaking with you if it was not for our time in the service or the friends & family who supported us along the way. Although the 3 of us served in separate branches for different lengths of time & were assigned completely different roles in the military we all had the unique opportunity to serve others. Many of you who have joined this movement or are listening to us for the first time have sacrificed more than anyone outside of our community could ever imagine. You signed a contract, not to be a professional athlete, actor or musician, making millions of dollars a year, but to sacrifice so that others would not have too.

Some of you deployed, leaving your family, friends & the comfort of home for extended periods of time to face unknown dangers & the harsh realties of the world we live in. Some worked 16, maybe even 20 hour shifts for days if not weeks on end, eating nothing more than SpaghettiOs, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches or popcorn (personal experience) in 120°F degree weather or perhaps well below 5°F to support a crucial mission & protect the lives of others. Perhaps you were in an accident or an attack that left you injured or worse yet took someone you loved & would have traded places with in a heartbeat.

The point we want to make is that it is both the good and the bad that has shaped each & every one of us. I am truly grateful for all that I was a part & the incredible men & women who I was privileged to serve alongside. It is the love for serving others that has set us on this path & made this project so meaningful to us. The 3 of us (Dan, Gerard & myself) want to pay it forward to not just the service members, but the spouses & children who endured & suffered alongside us every work up, training exercise, deployment…

To our new family of UNWAVERING service members, families & supporters, each & every one of you mean a great deal to us & we will do everything we can to help make a difference in your lives.